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Our 24 hour, 5 days a week ISO 9001-2015 registered facility has an on-sight maintenance tool room and 19 presses ranging from 44 to 794 tons. We process both engineering and commodity resins to provide close-tolerance precision parts as well as aesthetic color-matched product. Blue Star will work with your tooling or we have mold building sources in the United States and Asia to produce any tools necessary to get your program up and running.


Blue Star invests in the latest technology to maximize quality while minimizing cost. Robots reduce part handling and improve consistency. High speed camera-based inspection systems ensure quality. Our commitment to lean manufacturing and kaizen continuous improvement helps us streamline processes and increase efficiency.


Please explore our capabilities and then give us a call to discuss how Blue Star Plastics can help you reach your goals.

Color Spectrophotometer

Color Spectrophotometer

Ensures color consistency on all parts

Robotic Inspection

Robotic Part Handling

Automated part handling holds down costs and improves consistency

Moisture Analysis

Moisture Analysis

Maximizes the output of the molding process by precisely controlling moisture levels in the resin

Tool Maintenance

On-Site Tool Maintenance

We have an in-house tool room for maximum mold uptime and quick reaction


Proven Capability on a Wide Range of Products

Small Parts

Parts as small as a single gram are possible

Tight Tolerance and Overmolding

Elastomer overmolding and insert molding are common processes

High Volume

High volume production, up to millions per year, are routine for us

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